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A Contractor’s thoughts on copper

October 15th, 2009 No comments

Richard Lucassian,  Builder/Contractor/Plumber

PA082316I happened to come across this blog and also checked out the copper website and figured I’d offer my thoughts on copper since I work with it and like it.  I’ve been in the building, remodeling and contracting business for 21 years in the south-eastern Michigan area.  My company is specialized in electrical, plumbing, roofing and gutters.   When it comes to using copper in construction it’s not just the norm, for me it’s the best material. 

In the past per my plumbing customer’s request I tried other materials.  I found CPVC to be too flexible, especially with high water pressure homes.  Not to mention if the CPVC was exposed the sun’s UV rays and outdoor elements it didn’t hold up.  Imagine plastic in Michigan’s ice cold temperatures.   I’ve also tried Pex, a cross-linked polyethylene.  Well, the mandatory tool kit to work with the material is expensive and you still have to terminate each line at a brass or copper fitting.  So if you’re terminating with copper why not do the entire project with the material.  It easily flares to fittings and it’s forgiving with great connectivity. 

iStock_000002713280XSmallIn addition to plumbing and electrical fittings many of my clients have added copper gutters and copulas to their homes.  They love the patina look and the longevity.  I’ve also used copper for roof and shingle repairs.   After making repairs caused by mold and moss damage, I run a strip of #6 copper wire to prevent any additional growth on the shingles. 

Overall, my only complaint with using copper is the price.  But, I do take advantage of its ability to be recycled.  If I pull out old wiring, I can recycle the material and put it towards an updated application.

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