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CDA Develops “Do it Proper with Copper” Video Series (Part 3)

June 20th, 2010

By Harold Moret, CDA Project Manager and Piping Applications Specialist

The Copper Development Association (CDA) has produced a series of five short, instructional how-to videos for anyone working with copper on architectural and plumbing projects. CDA Project Managers Larry Peters and Harold Moret developed the series of videos appropriate for both new construction and remodeling projects.

These educational videos were made to be helpful for the professional installer or do-it-yourselfer, who wants to learn about the correct techniques for installing copper piping and copper roofing, flashing, or other architectural systems. These videos are a great resource for someone looking for guidance on their next project.

We have a video on Copper Sheet Fabrication, describing the tools and basic preparation steps required for soldering copper sheet materials.  The steps reviewed in this video are required for most of the application techniques employed to fabricate copper strip, sheet, and plate for architectural use.  The video also describes the melting point for solders used with sheet copper.

The tinning copper and sheets video explains that before beginning the soldering of sheet materials you have to tin the soldering copper.  This video covers cleaning, marking, flux and solder.  Also, it shows the basic steps to tinning an edge.  The program describes how to create a lap seam which is recommended when the copper sheet is too thick to form a flat lock seam and how to solder copper sheet material in roofing on relatively flat slopes.

There’s a video about soldering preparation and the materials used in soldering preparation.  This program shows the different types of copper tubes, and how to measure and to cut copper tube.  The soldering video reviews the proper techniques for fluxing and soldering.  The first part of the program includes a description of certain flux and how to apply it.  Part two shows how to properly apply heat and solder to a copper joint.  Testing all assembly for joint integrity is emphasized in the program.

A fifth video program is about solderless fittings which are gaining acceptance throughout the industry.  Push connects and press connects are demonstrated in the program. 

The video series is available on the CDA web site and on CDA’s YouTube Channel. We plan to expand the how-to video series this year with additional architectural and plumbing techniques.

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