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AVL on the Future of Copper in Vehicle Electrification

September 9th, 2010 No comments

Jerry Klarr, AVL Director of Hybrid Programs

Bob Weed, Copper Development Association Vice President, OEM

By Bob Weed, Copper Development Association Vice President, OEM

The continuing push toward vehicle electrification represents an exciting time for many in the copper industry.  Engineering services provider AVL has been a force behind some of the most exciting innovations used by automotive OEMs and suppliers alike, including power train systems, electric motors, batteries, and control systems, many of which make substantial use of copper wiring and other components.  I recently spoke with Jerry Klarr, Director of Hybrid Programs at AVL, who says that copper will continue to play a substantial role. 

“Copper still is one of the preferred elements to use in both the battery and the high voltage systems because of its conductivity capabilities, its resistance to oxidation and its lightweight materials and malleability, so it’s still a preferred solution,” he says.  “There’s also quite a lot of copper coming into play in the high voltage wiring systems and in some of the batteries.”

In April, AVL displayed some of their innovative work with batteries at the SAE 2010 World Congress show.

Another area in which copper will likely play a role, says Klarr, is in charging systems that will be used to keep vehicles running.  “Along with the hybrid and the electrification of vehicles is the infrastructure.  There are going to be charging stations built that are almost certainly going to use copper.”  It’s clear that anyone with an interest in exciting new developments in the copper industry will want to pay close attention to AVL. 

The Copper Development Association is uniquely positioned to keep all stakeholders up-to-date on progress in this area.  I urge anyone with a question about copper and vehicle electrification to contact us at

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