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Infection Control Today Virtual Conference

March 29th, 2011

By Wilton Moran, Project Engineer Copper Development Association

The fourth annual virtual ICT Conference held February 9-10th by Infection Control Today Magazine focused on Professional Development and broke attendance records to date with 5,000 individual participants.  The Copper Development Association hosted a virtual booth.  I was able to connect virtually and directly with healthcare professionals from around the globe who also attended live from their office or home-office computers.

The conference’s unique platform allowed attendees to explore a virtual tradeshow floor, network and view presentations and videos online.  At the CDA booth, we shared videos and presentations about the antimicrobial properties of copper.  I was able to “live chat” with healthcare professionals on a one-on-one basis..  Many of the participants were familiar with copper as an antimicrobial but needed clarification on specific applications and scientific proof.  We shared statistics with them and showcased studies that demonstrated copper’s effectiveness as an antimicrobial touch surface material.  Attached is the video highlighting the statistics shown at the conference.

Embed Video:  http://antimicrobialcopper.com/us.aspx

Although many hospital administrators have expressed concern about costs associated with the integration of copper, we were able to provide them with information on the additional costs associated with treating hospital-acquired infections (HAI’s). Patients that incur an HAI average $43,000 more in healthcare costs than patients that don’t.   With this statistic in mind, many administrators expressed interest in considering the installation of copper touch surfaces in their facilities.  One hospital representative even suggested using copper on escalator handrails to reduce the spread of bacteria.

Overall, the virtual platform proved to be a unique, fun and effective tool in connecting with Infection Control professionals near and far. I look forward to following up with those who had expressed interest in copper and I invite others to contact me directly with any questions.

If you would like to learn more about the antimicrobial properties of copper, please visit http://www.antimicrobialcopper.com


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