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CDA Exhibits at Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo

September 30th, 2011

By Andy Kireta Jr., Vice President Market Development, Copper Development Association Inc.

CDA this month exhibited at the Healthcare Facilities and Expo in Chicago for the second year in a row. Attendees who visited the CDA booth included architects, specifiers, hospital staff and manufacturers of healthcare products. Our goal was to highlight copper’s antimicrobial properties and show how copper can promote human health in the healthcare environment.

Of particular interest this year was the success being generated by the CDA Public Health and Building Construction (BC) teams in getting word out about the benefits of applying copper touch surfaces to healthcare projects. Unlike past years, where most conversations began at ground zero with us educating conference attendees on copper’s antimicrobial properties, this year’s attendees already knew about and believed in antimicrobial copper’s benefits. They also wanted to see products in the market. We spent most of the time answering questions on two fronts: When will commercial products be available? And secondly, what will be the cost differential of antimicrobial copper (AMC) products and how can we sell that difference?

It also became quite apparent at the show that we now have begun to create converts within the design and infection control communities, and they are speaking out on behalf of the benefits of copper. According to one not affiliated with the copper industry, “Antimicrobial copper is one of the most important things to hit healthcare construction and infection control in the past 15 years.”

We also had conversations with a healthcare facility representative that, following an antimicrobial seminar presented by the BC team, purchased all copper alloy hardware to replace the door hardware on the executive floor of their corporate headquarters. He had two important points.  First, he said that the product didn’t have to be labeled to make

health claims for him. He already believed it worked and that’s why he purchased unregistered product now. Secondly, he said that he felt the benefits of copper were important enough that as they begin to discuss putting AMC in their facilities he can now point to their headquarters and say “If it is good enough for our executives, don’t you think we should be putting it in our hospitals?”

If you would like more information about the benefits of antimicrobial copper, please email me, akiretajr@cda.copper.org, or take a look at our antimicrobial website.


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