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A few of our favorite things…

December 21st, 2011

This holiday season, the Copper Development Association staff has researched the hottest consumer goods made from – you guessed it – copper!  Below is a list of copper gifts in every price range, sure to please the pet lover, chef, gardener, or just about anyone on your shopping list.  We love these gifts so much that we’re giving away a stocking full of copper cookie cutters and other surprises on our Facebook page!  Click here to enter the contest for a chance to win some shiny stocking stuffers!

Copper Pet Food & Water Bowls (frontgate.com – $69.50)

Everyone loves cooking with copper pots, so why not let Fido in on the action?  Feed your furry friends from these hand-crafted copper bowls!     




Copper Turtle Grater (creaturesofcomfort.us – $45.00)

Copper is long-lasting, durable and beautiful, so this cheese grater is sure to be a treasured kitchen accessory for many years.  It even has a hook so you can hang it on the wall and admire it when you aren’t cooking your favorite meal!




Holiday Copper Cookie Cutters (williams-sonoma.com – $7.95)

We love these cooper cookie cutters because a) they’re durable and can withstand marathon holiday baking sessions and b) they can be tied with ribbon and transformed into Christmas tree ornaments.







Copper Wire Money Clip (etsy.com – $8.50)

Copper wire is the used for many electrical applications like wiring commercial buildings.  And since copper lasts a lifetime, copper wire can be repurposed into fun do-it-yourself projects like this money clip that doubles as a bookmark!




Ivy Copper Top Bird House (yardenvy.com – $198.00)

Copper can naturally withstand environmental elements, making it ideal for many outdoor decorations and building fixtures.  This charming birdhouse has a spun copper roof, making it the perfect gift for bird-lovers this holiday.




Kitchenaid® Custom Metallic Series® Copper Stand Mixer (crateandbarrel.com – $499.95)

Kitchenaid®’s stand mixer has always been a must-have kitchen accessory for any cook, but the company’s new Custom Metallic Series® features a beautiful copper finish!  This is one appliance too pretty to put in the cabinet.  You might just want to leave this beauty out on your counter for holiday guests to admire.



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