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EV Adventures – Part 3 of 6

January 1st, 2012

The Nissan Leaf Purchase “Program”

The first thing I learned when I walked into Arlington Nissan on August 5th was that Nissan is not selling the Leaf the same way they sell their other vehicles.  There was a purchasing “process” for the Leaf.  This dealership had 2 employees that were specifically trained to work with customers interested in the Leaf.  Mr. Jerimiah Cobb was the sales associate that offered to help me.  Jerimiah explained that we would need to take a short survey and also schedule a visit to my house so they could assess my electrical service and generate a quote to install the charging station.  We promptly sat down in front of a computer and took the survey.  Nissan wanted to know how many miles I typically drive in one day, how many miles per trip, did I own a home, does my house have an attached garage?, etc.   Apparently, I passed the test and was a qualified prospective customer for the Leaf.  The next thing we needed to do was schedule the evaluation at my house.

Surprisingly, the next available date for Nissan to visit my house was in early September, more than a month away.  As luck would have it, I was out of town on the next available date and we settled on Sept. 27 for the evaluation.  Meanwhile, I found out that the Leaf was priced around $40K including the 220 volt charging station, but there was a $7,500 tax rebate and more incentives related to the charging station.  So the bottom line after tax rebates and incentives would be a vehicle under $30K that you never have to put gasoline in.  (But what about the cost of electricity? …More about this later.)

Jerimiah set me up with an on-line account and password so I could get information on the Leaf, request quotes and follow my progress through the purchasing program.  I immediately received emails from Nissan with links to their website.  Since the dealer did not have a Leaf to look at, the website was  helpful and gave me a good idea of what my new Leaf would look like.  The site was interactive and informative.   I could change the color of the vehicle and look at various options.


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