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CDA Webinar Raises Awareness of Antimicrobial Copper

January 4th, 2012

By Larry Peters, CDA Project Manager and Architectural Applications Specialist

Last month Larry Peters, Copper Development Association (CDA) project manager and architectural applications specialist, hosted a webinar in advance of the HEALTHCARE DESIGN conference in Nashville. More than 3,600 health care engineering, design and architectural professionals attended last week’s conference.

A webinar gives an organization like the CDA, the opportunity to share important and timely information with a wide audience. We were pleased that more than 300 people from the U.S. and seven countries attended our webinar on the antimicrobial benefits of copper touch surfaces. We had a variety of participants – health care designers, architects with major health care facilities, interior designers, as well as equipment and furnishing manufacturers.

Many people who approached us at the HEALTHCARE DESIGN conference told us that they either attended our webinar or knew someone who did. We found their enthusiasm about the potential for copper to combat infection-causing bacteria most gratifying. At any given time, 1 in 20 hospital patients has a hospital-acquired infection (HAI). In the webinar, I talked about how copper and copper alloy surfaces, such as brass and bronze, are intrinsically antimicrobial. They are the only class of solid materials registered with the Environmental Protection Agency to continuously kill more than 99.9% of certain disease-causing bacteria within two hours, including MRSA and VRE. Copper and copper alloys can be fashioned into a variety of products such as door handles, railings, IV stands, and more to kill disease-causing bacteria between cleanings.

Preliminary results in a recent clinical trial showed that Antimicrobial Copper surfaces reduce many bacteria that cause these infections. The results have tremendous implications for patient safety, because more than 100,000 people in the U.S. die annually from HAIs.

For more information about antimicrobial copper, click here, or contact me, lpeters@cda.copper.org



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