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EV Adventures – Part 6 of 6

January 4th, 2012

What’s UP Next in My EV Adventure?

As I mentioned earlier, I want to explore quotes for different versions of the Leaf.  I will also investigate taking responsibility myself for the installation of the charging station.

Rebates and Incentives:

I understand there is a $7,500 instant tax rebate from the Fed on an EV.  I have also heard there is up to $2,000 in rebates and/or incentives associated with the charging station and installation.  I plan to verify this and search for more financial incentives.

Electric Supply Options and Rates:

Com Ed has been my electricity supplier for as long as I can remember.  But electricity is now de-regulated in Illinois and I have companies such as Nicor Electric, Direct Energy, Energy Plus and Constellation Energy knocking on my door wanting my electric business.  I understand they all offer special rates for customers with EV’s.  In addition, I have the name of the External Affairs person at Com Ed and I am hoping to connect with her to learn more about their rates for customers with EV’s and also rates at different times of the day.

Chevy Volt:

I am curious if the Chevy Volt is available, how the features & benefits compare to the Leaf and if Chevy has a purchase “process” like Nissan.

Economic Analysis:

As I learn more about EV’s, electric rates, insurance rates and all the variables connected with owning an EV, I plan to analyze the economics in as much detail as possible.  After all, most people will start with the economics when considering something as new as an EV.  If the economics work, then we just might see more EV’s being purchased than any of the experts are predicting.

Editor’s Note:  John’s EV Adventures continues in subsequent postings found on the new Coppertalk Feature Page, “Powered by Copper.”  You can reach John directly at johnh@exelconsultinggroup.com

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