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CDA Announces 2012 North American Copper in Architecture Awards

June 30th, 2012

By Andy Kireta Jr., Vice President, Building & Construction, CDA

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2012 North American Copper in Architecture Awards, our annual event to increase public awareness and recognize excellence in architectural design for buildings constructed in the U.S. and Canada.

Copper has been used in architecture almost since man discovered it. This year’s NACIA projects take man’s oldest metal and makes it look new again. The variety of wall cladding styles, different interior applications and the caliber of custom ornamental work continues to impress us each year.

In 2008, we created the awards program, sponsored jointly with the CDA and the Canadian Copper and Brass Development Association (CCBDA). The 15 projects we selected were judged in three categories: new construction, renovation/restoration and ornamental applications.
From Boston to Salt Lake City; Phoenix to Toronto, this year’s outstanding copper building projects shine through in the form of new and restored museums, educational facilities, libraries, a firehouse, an environmental center, and places of worship, just to name a few.

Standouts in architectural design, Renzo Piano and Todd Schliemann, are also acknowledged in this year’s awards program for their innovative use of copper on the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Expansion and the Natural History Museum of Utah.

This year’s program also saw copper’s prevalence in the academic arena, as five educational institutions received an award. From a college preparatory school in Denver to the first newly constructed university in Ontario in 35 years, copper made the grade at many academic levels.

And it’s not too early to apply to win next year’s award. For details on the submission process, go here. The architects and contractors of the mentioned projects will receive commemorative plaques that feature copper etchings of the submitted project. All the projects, including photos and profiles, are featured on CDA’s website.

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