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Updated Information on New Motor Technology Coming Soon

September 20th, 2012

By Richard deFay, CDA Project Manager, Sustainable Energy

We’re pleased to announce that CDA is supporting the Department of Energy (DOE) and Washington State University in creating a guide for industrial motor management. It’s the first revision in more than a decade and contains new information about updated technology – including the copper rotor motor. This new resource is expected to be available next month online through the DOE’s Advanced Manufacturing Office website.

Anyone interested in motor management would find the guide helpful. It’s targeted for plant facility managers, design engineers and others who want to know how they can be more energy efficient in the workplace. Our collaboration with DOE and WSU will be an update of three 2000 documents, Continuous Improvement for Motor Driven Systems Handbook; Premium Efficiency Electric Motor Selection Handbook and Application Guide; and Improving Motor and Drive Systems Performance: A Sourcebook for Industry.

At CDA, we strongly encourage improved efficiency. Electric motors account for nearly 23% of total U.S. energy use and two-thirds of energy use in industrial settings. If we used higher efficiency motors, including the copper rotor motor, we would save large amounts of both kilowatt-hours and dollars for industrial users.

We encourage the adoption of new motor technology, primarily NEMA Premium® motors. We know this isn’t always easy from a capital investment standpoint. But we do know the initial cost of purchasing a copper rotor motor represents only 2% of the total cost of ownership. Energy costs, maintenance and other variables make up the other 98% over the lifetime of the motor.

So take a moment next month to look for the new information guides. The Drive Systems Sourcebook also provides 15 motor system energy tips for those in the field looking to purchase premium efficiency motors or how to extend the operating life of a motor.

In addition to the resources I’ve outlined in this blog, I urge anyone who purchases motors commercially to compare options. Have a look at the MotorMaster+, a software tool that gives companies and organizations helpful data on whether it’s more cost effective to repair or replace a motor. The CDA also has a CD available that explains some of the mechanical aspects of how more efficient motors and transformers are made, how they differ from standard efficiency products and why they’re worth the premium you pay. For more information on how to get a CD, go here.

For more information on the benefits of a copper rotor motor, go to the CDA website. Or you can email me at richard.defay@copperalliance.us.



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