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EVs Will Soon Power the Grid

By Bob Weed Copper Development Association (CDA) Vice President OEM

The buzz about EVs is only getting greater as people discover the benefits of driving one.  In a new and exciting twist, we’re now seeing more opportunities for EV drivers to  provide power to the electrical grid.

AC Propulsion, a California company that produces electric vehicle technology and engineering services, is partnering with the University of Delaware to advance the role of electric vehicles as a power source to the grid. They can do that with new V2G (vehicle to grid) technology developed by the University of Delaware, which has developed a way to connect the electricity flow from cars to power lines. According to university researchers, one vehicle feeding power into the grid is the equivalent of providing energy to 10 homes. Honda recently announced its intention to join a V2G demonstration project associated with the university.

This new technology will help the grid have fewer fluctuations in power levels, especially as it adapts to handle renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar power. It’s also good news for copper. EVs rely on copper, which has the highest conductivity of any metal that can be practically used for conveying electricity. The average car has 50-55 pounds of copper in it. In an EV, that amount will nearly triple – to 150-180 pounds. More than two-thirds of the copper will be found in the car’s wiring harness and electrical components.

The CDA supports new technology that is good for the environment. Learn more about how copper supports electric vehicle technology.

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