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CDA President & CEO Andy Kireta Sr. Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award

Andy Kireta Sr., president and CEO of the Copper Development Association (CDA), was honored this month with the Ankh Award for Lifetime Achievement from The Copper Club, Inc., for his many contributions to the copper industry. Andy received the award at The Copper Club’s annual dinner June 4 in New York City. Stuart Thorne, president and CEO of Southwire®, was named Copper Man of the Year.

The Copper Club, an organization that supports the interests of the copper industry, celebrated its 70th anniversary this year with a meeting of copper industry leaders. Brian O’Shaughnessy, chairman of Revere Copper Products, said the award reflects Andy’s “dedication and accomplishments throughout his career to copper and copper market development.” Andy has shown “a unique ability to gain the highest confidence and trust of miners, fabricators and consumers…regulators and the people who work with him every day.” Brian added that Andy’s “outstanding leadership” has helped the CDA “achieve new levels of excellence above other industry trade associations.”

In his 35-year tenure at the CDA, Andy Sr. has forged synergistic relationships among the copper industry and public and private sectors, and broadened the trade organization’s influence to include new applications, such as promoting copper for its antimicrobial properties. He also volunteered to serve as Executive Director of The Copper Club and in that position worked to increase the scholarship program which is a primary focus of the organization.  To date, The Copper Club has provided more than $1million in scholarships to students who demonstrate academic excellence and financial need.

The Ankh Award was named for the ankh, a symbol for the red metal dating back to ancient Egypt. First presented in 1962, the awardees are honored for their outstanding individual contributions to the copper industry. Recipients receive a reproduction of Auguste Rodin’s famous sculpture, The Thinker.


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