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The Future is Now – Google Introduces the Self-Driving Project

By Bob Weed, Copper Development Association Vice President OEM

Imagine a car with no steering wheel. You get in, sit back, relax and you’re on your way, safely to your destination. You won’t be gritting your teeth in traffic jams or worried about your teen texting and driving. Check out Google’s new self-driving prototype and see a glimpse into our future.

I’m interested in the growth of electric vehicle technology because it relies on highly- conductive copper. An average car contains 50-55 pounds of copper, but EVs have up to three times more – 150-180 pounds of copper. Copper is essential to the EV industry and we’re excited to be part of it. Learn more about copper’s role in EVs.

Take a look at Google’s new prototype in this video. Test drivers report that the Google self-driving vehicle is compact, but seems safe. It has sensors that detect and remove blind spots and is able to detect objects at the distance of two football fields – from all directions.

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