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Curious About Copper? The Copper Learning Center has the Answers

By Kyle Sexton, Project Coordinator – Communications, Copper Development Center (CDA)

Did you know that copper was first used about 10,000 years ago? That it’s the primary electrical conductor for appliances and electronics? Or that there are more than 800 industry-recognized copper alloy compositions registered in the U.S.?

If you’d like to learn more about the history of this mighty metal and its contributions to the modern world, the CDA recently launched a virtual classroom designed to give you access to the most accurate information on copper and copper alloys. The three-module course provides interesting and practical information that’s appealing to everyone interested in copper – from students to industry experts.

The online training session is divided into three modules. The first module, an Introduction to Copper and Copper Alloys, covers the processes used to mine and refine copper before it’s made into a variety of useful products. You’ll also discover how copper is extracted from the ground and processed.

The second module, titled Material Properties, introduces participants to the basic material properties and the engineering advantages of copper and copper-based alloys.  In the third module, Markets and Applications, you’ll learn about the commercial uses for copper and copper alloys and how they fit into the major market sectors.

The course covers basic material properties and processing techniques, such as

  • Physical/mechanical properties of copper.
  • Alloying.
  • Strengthening.
  • Commercially available product forms and manufacturing.

At the end of the course, you’ll have a greater understanding of the world’s oldest metal and how it’s benefited society in so many ways. Members of the American Institute of Architects will earn a one-hour Learning Unit credit after taking the course.

Learn more about the Copper Learning Center with this informational video or sign up for the course here. Or for additional information, contact me, Kyle.Sexton@copperalliance.us.

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