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Copper: The Everywhere Metal

August 11th, 2014 No comments

by Kris Palmer

Editor’s Note:  Kris Palmer is a public relations professional who has done extensive work for both the Copper Development Association and International Copper Association.  On a recent trip to Ireland and Scotland, she found herself surrounded by interesting applications that demonstrate the functionality and essentiality of copper and she has agreed to share her experiences with us. Read more…

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Copper Development Association (CDA) Completes Motor Management Best Practices DVD Series

December 22nd, 2013 No comments

By Richard deFay, Project Manager, Sustainable Energy, Copper Development Association (CDA)

Industry relies on electric motors for a variety of uses – power fans, pumps, compressors and more. They also run manufacturing and assembly equipment. But some facility managers don’t realize the cost savings they’d experience by developing a well-managed industrial motors best practice program. CDA has created a program series to challenge those perceptions. Read more…

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Updated Information on New Motor Technology Coming Soon

September 20th, 2012 No comments

By Richard deFay, CDA Project Manager, Sustainable Energy

We’re pleased to announce that CDA is supporting the Department of Energy (DOE) and Washington State University in creating a guide for industrial motor management. It’s the first revision in more than a decade and contains new information about updated technology – including the copper rotor motor. This new resource is expected to be available next month online through the DOE’s Advanced Manufacturing Office website. Read more…

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A few of our favorite things…

December 21st, 2011 No comments

This holiday season, the Copper Development Association staff has researched the hottest consumer goods made from – you guessed it – copper!  Below is a list of copper gifts in every price range, sure to please the pet lover, chef, gardener, or just about anyone on your shopping list.  We love these gifts so much that we’re giving away a stocking full of copper cookie cutters and other surprises on our Facebook page!  Click here to enter the contest for a chance to win some shiny stocking stuffers! Read more…

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CDA Touts the Benefits of the Copper Rotor Motor for Energy Efficiency

April 20th, 2011 No comments

By Richard deFay, Copper Development Association, Sustainable Electric Energy

The Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) last month sponsored Globalcon 2011, a conference in Philadelphia where decision-makers from business, industry and government met to consider integrated energy solutions that are both effective and affordable. This gave the CDA an opportunity to showcase the highly energy efficient copper rotor motor. Richard deFay, the CDA’s Project Manager, Sustainable Electrical Energy, attended the conference and also co-taught a two-day Department of Energy- sponsored motor management best practices workshop on Guam April 6-7, 2011, in collaboration with the Washington State University Extension Energy Program. Read more…

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An Update: Achieving Class A Designation for Fire Safety

May 13th, 2010 No comments

Craig Thompson - 1By Craig Thompson, Copper Development Association, Project Manager & Architectural Applications Specialist

Craig Thompson is an Illinois-registered architect.  He holds a graduate degree in architecture and, in 1972, began working in construction on residential, commercial and retail projects.  He joined the CDA in 1992, working primarily with architects.  He provides them with information for working with copper, including design assistance and help locating products and installers.

I recently attended hearings of the International Code Council (ICC) on the subject of copper roofing and fire ratings.  Some Building codes exist to enable architects and builders to specify the level of fire safety of the materials chosen for new construction – Class A, Class B or Class C.  For example, if someone building a home in an area of California where there are brush fires wanted to do something extra to protect the home, they would go with Class A materials.  For decades there was an exception for copper in the building code because it had always been considered non-combustible. Read more…