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Chic Copper Home Innovation Challenge

October 4th, 2013 No comments

With its array of finishes and natural patina, copper artwork compliments every style of interior design, from rustic country to streamlined contemporary. In fact, copper pieces are often created as a focal point in a room’s design. Read more…

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Show us how you’re using copper to enhance your home!

August 14th, 2013 No comments

By Victoria Prather, Manager, Communications CDA

Did you know that copper has the ability to resist molds? And kill bacteria? These are just some of the reasons why copper surfaces and copper décor are a great addition to your kitchen and bath. From sinks and countertops to backsplashes, pots and pans, this material enhances every style — from modern to traditional. Read more…

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Enter Today: Copper Home Innovation Challenge “CHIC”

August 13th, 2013 No comments

By Victoria Prather, Manager, Communications CDA

Whether we realize it or not, copper surrounds us on a daily basis—from cooking utensils, to doorknobs and even in our food! While copper can be found throughout our homes, its characteristics also make it an ideal addition to any backyard or garden.  Read more…

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The 2012 Summer Olympics Feature Gold, Silver Bronze…and Copper

July 27th, 2012 No comments

By Victoria Prather, Manager, Communications CDA

As the 2012 Summer Olympics open tonight in London, athletes from across the globe are coveting the gold, silver and bronze medals, but did you know that each medal is actually created using copper mined in the United States?  Read more…

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CDA Develops “Do it Proper with Copper” Video Series (Part 3)

June 20th, 2010 No comments

By Harold Moret, CDA Project Manager and Piping Applications Specialist

The Copper Development Association (CDA) has produced a series of five short, instructional how-to videos for anyone working with copper on architectural and plumbing projects. CDA Project Managers Larry Peters and Harold Moret developed the series of videos appropriate for both new construction and remodeling projects.

These educational videos were made to be helpful for the professional installer or do-it-yourselfer, who wants to learn about the correct techniques for installing copper piping and copper roofing, flashing, or other architectural systems. These videos are a great resource for someone looking for guidance on their next project.

We have a video on Copper Sheet Fabrication, describing the tools and basic preparation steps required for soldering copper sheet materials.  The steps reviewed in this video are required for most of the application techniques employed to fabricate copper strip, sheet, and plate for architectural use.  The video also describes the melting point for solders used with sheet copper.

The tinning copper and sheets video explains that before beginning the soldering of sheet materials you have to tin the soldering copper.  This video covers cleaning, marking, flux and solder.  Also, it shows the basic steps to tinning an edge.  The program describes how to create a lap seam which is recommended when the copper sheet is too thick to form a flat lock seam and how to solder copper sheet material in roofing on relatively flat slopes.

There’s a video about soldering preparation and the materials used in soldering preparation.  This program shows the different types of copper tubes, and how to measure and to cut copper tube.  The soldering video reviews the proper techniques for fluxing and soldering.  The first part of the program includes a description of certain flux and how to apply it.  Part two shows how to properly apply heat and solder to a copper joint.  Testing all assembly for joint integrity is emphasized in the program.

A fifth video program is about solderless fittings which are gaining acceptance throughout the industry.  Push connects and press connects are demonstrated in the program. 

The video series is available on the CDA web site and on CDA’s YouTube Channel. We plan to expand the how-to video series this year with additional architectural and plumbing techniques.

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An Update: Achieving Class A Designation for Fire Safety

May 13th, 2010 No comments

Craig Thompson - 1By Craig Thompson, Copper Development Association, Project Manager & Architectural Applications Specialist

Craig Thompson is an Illinois-registered architect.  He holds a graduate degree in architecture and, in 1972, began working in construction on residential, commercial and retail projects.  He joined the CDA in 1992, working primarily with architects.  He provides them with information for working with copper, including design assistance and help locating products and installers.

I recently attended hearings of the International Code Council (ICC) on the subject of copper roofing and fire ratings.  Some Building codes exist to enable architects and builders to specify the level of fire safety of the materials chosen for new construction – Class A, Class B or Class C.  For example, if someone building a home in an area of California where there are brush fires wanted to do something extra to protect the home, they would go with Class A materials.  For decades there was an exception for copper in the building code because it had always been considered non-combustible. Read more…