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Curious About Copper? The Copper Learning Center has the Answers

September 4th, 2014 No comments

By Kyle Sexton, Project Coordinator – Communications, Copper Development Center (CDA)

Did you know that copper was first used about 10,000 years ago? That it’s the primary electrical conductor for appliances and electronics? Or that there are more than 800 industry-recognized copper alloy compositions registered in the U.S.?
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New Larco Coppershield Push Plate

May 5th, 2014 No comments

A news statement on the Antimicrobial Copper website describes a new EPA-approved copper alloy push plate for automatic door activation that kills 99.9 percent of *bacteria within two hours.

“[Hospital Infections] can be devastating to a hospital’s revenue and reputation, and even deadly to patients,” said Scott Gardeen, senior product manager for Larco products. “CopperShield push plates provide the kind of protection from infectious bacteria* patients and employees in the healthcare industry deserve.” Read more…

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Energy Storage Regulation and Legislation

April 17th, 2014 No comments

CDA’s Director of Sustainable Energy, Zolaikha Strong, believes that investments in energy storage, in the form of tax credits and policies, could help incorporate energy storage into grid modernization.  There is a delicate balance between carbon saved from energy storage and the cost associated with energy storage.  Stronger regulation could support incentives and provide tax credits which will lessen the burden of cost of energy storage devices.  Energy Efficiency Markets, an online publication, interviewed Zolaikha as an expert on energy storage regulations. Read more…

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