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July 14th, 2009 No comments

Copper FAQs, Resources, and Upcoming Events

“…Then, there’s copper, which is the only pipe I use. It costs money. It costs money because it saves money.” – Cosmo Castorini, Moonstruck

If you’re not already working on a project that includes copper, chances are you soon will be. Copper is back in a big way and for good reasoncopperroofbldg.225w: it’s beautiful, durable, 100% recyclable – and it saves money.

The Copper Development Association has an informative page, Architectural Copper Products FAQs, to get you started. Learn about copper finishes, corrosion and stain prevention, environmental impact, and proven design techniques for working with copper and its alloys.

Our industry experts can help in a variety of ways, from in-house seminars to project design assistance, document and specifications review, and contractor recommendation. You can download our free design handbook, check on upcoming industry events, and learn about our educational and support programs. (more)